Strong women can combine work home study and career.

IF you think you are only housewife, you can not manage anything else except being a mother, wife and managing housework, you have to look deeper inside you and see that you are a woman a female who is able to do more. If you made a baby a human being and took such a responsibility you can make the rest easier. We are given all the challenges as we are able for more than only being a housewife. You can manage study, work, career only if you want and you want only if you have a motivation. you have to find your motivation, your inspiration do do more than you think you are able to to become an inspiration for others. Try everything, even if you fail. Failure is the base for a big success. You are a LADY get up be early bird, let secondary things to wait, dress up, freshen up yourself, make yourself beautiful, smile and do every day a small step for your big success.


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